noh circumference

Seems like an elemental aspect of faith’s contract is the firm recognition by the conscious mind of the limits of consciousness, on the point of an event in material reality that is absolutely uncanny – something that has actually happened (is happening) that is counter-rational and even counter-intuitive. “I believe the X took place, that X lived and did these things, in the manner that I do things (in the body, in time) but beyond the ability of my force, my time – even if I were able to perfect my talents in the world’s arena.” A thing happens in the human circumference, that exceeds circumscription – and there is therefore more area inside the idea of the human than is mathematically possible.


This is why I like Noh. It’s physics is designed for a meditative response – your eyes are changed watching it, and what is being done by humans is not asking for your comprehension, and in fact confounds it in a way that dilates your perception on the one hand, without destroying your esthetic appreciation on the other.

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