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a)    How o how could I have lived to this point without having heard Nina Simone’s demo for “I Never Cry” (off a CD with Believer mag 2010)?


b)   In response to a presentation on Whit Weddings: (some) new rituals represent a bled-out, second generation faith – original faith gives rise to form, and then there is faith in the form, which becomes greed for form, stripped of faith (?)


North Africa Today – a pretty incredible panel with Mohammed Bamyeh, Ronald Judy, who spoke with direct understanding of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, respectively.


“Sustainable spontaneity of citizenship.”


What sustains spontaneity? An evolving intelligence of practice – ethics. Revolutionary ethics – not taught by anybody… common traditions existing in civic culture, a familiar material available at a moment of crisis/opportunity. Solidarity honesty, sacrifice, non-violence…  In the absence of leadership, the ethic is the rationale. “That which is good/true is intuitive.” Generosity, hospitality and dignity are related terms – all require seeing the other. Art can help here.


Producing a new kind of “people-hood.” Not representative/a simile, but – the people themselves. No parties, no leaders… Anarchy “Social order without authority.”


Revolution is a space in which you can practice a kind of utopia – Tahir Sq. – a school of ethics, a place for learning in the new intelligence. Revolutions always disappointing? Designed to perform Utopia without producing it? Theater is revolutionary and therefore always disappointing? And this disappointment is nat a marker of defeat, but rather it’s utopian mission.

Force will regularly attempt to convert a popular uprising to armed rebellion; the latter more easily controlled, and more winnable on the Government’s terms – Gov has the arms.

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