Arts in the One World 2011, sum.


Went right in some new ways. Good student enfranchisement – excellent work done in organizing, cooking, dispersing human-kindness. Some solid community partnerships – gratified by the participation of the Speakers’ Bureau, Johnson and Wales (cooking), AS220. Relationships that have been building over tiem, deepened – Playouse (Derry), JP Karegeye, Coexistence International (Cynthia Cohen), La MaMa, Freedimensional, Theatre Without Borders, many others. Brilliant work by Events Coordinator Nancy Safian.


The topic: Radicalizing Peace: The lines we will cross. Some general notes –


Insofar aw we pursue and promote peace, we are after a diverse condition – a peace that includes paradox and disagreement. At the same time, we are looking for an active (dramatic) paradox. Paradox is essential to the description of trauma – a language that opens rather than closes… But paradox itself can either stunt or grow. We’re after a peace/paradox that is not so complex it thwarts engagement, but rather one that advances fascination.


If we are promoting the dynamic, then our organizations must be dynamic – meaning perpetually leaving themselves – this is the only way to arrive at real change. So there is actual travel, there is also giving your keys away, changing your self-description (a gift art gives its audience)… A feature of some maps of sustainability: converting that which you must do to that which you can do. Not wholly ill advised. But as a continual test of principle – Know what you must do, and then do it on the basis that it must be done. How can an act of say, reconciliation be done through reconciliation and for the sake of reconciliation – rather than through submission or domination and for the sake of rote repetition?


More notes coming.


So many thanks to all involved. A nice evolution in our conference technology! All about the food…

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