new atom

Recent adds to the reading list:

Dominic LaCapra (e.g. – Writing History, Writing Trauma), via Betsy Shevey

Peter Levine’s Waking the Tiger, via Julia Fulton

Judith Butler’s Frames of War, via Emily Mendelsohn


I’ll work to make a special place on the site that keeps track of these.

Spending today at Brandeis, with Cynthia Cohen and Coexistence International – who is screening the final cut of their Acting Together on the World Stage film. This documents the work of companies cited in the book of the same name (along with additional commentary). The book presents case studies of art/artists directed towards social change – street performance in Peru and Serbia, work with indigenous populations in Australia, work addressing the Gujarat massacres in India, new writing by Cambodian women, and more. I’ve been tangent to the growth of this, lucky to see it evolve. Great care has been taken to make this a book like books are now – namely, a site, a conversation, a range of media – a movement.

Theater too needs to welcome (back) its role as a movement, conversation… and even as a book (with more context-in-writing); and universities need to be similarly flexible and porous (this will be a feature of today’s conversation – how to form a league, or dynamic coffee klatch out of silo-ed Industrial Revolution era capital models).

An atom is not a thing, it is a field of possibilities. How are we, at an atomic level, more possible than positioned? More a coherence of energy than binary traders in objects (I give you this, you give me that, with the giving itself being viewed as a dead space between making and consuming. How are we an action, if action is really our subject?

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