natural light

Mayhem is lightning, genocide is the electric company. Electricity is electricity, but the history of genocide is the history of management.


Peace is not an action, it is our default (our inaction; a will given over) – how we are when we are our natural selves and not ourselves as we daydream ourselves to be (where a daydream is actually an accusation of others for not ordering their lives according to your fiction). Peace can’t be built on “not killing each other” or by otherwise suppressing action; it is based in inaction – active, alert maintained, but – un-owned.


It’s been said through rat and through AOW, but – we learn nothing from involuntary material poverty; like genocide, it’s an imposed differential, an attempt to push a class of people outside of history – a persistent annihilation. But poverty in the sense of voluntary detachment form the meaning of ownership, is a tutor.


In “making” and “building” peace, measuring outcomes and working up scalable models, are we buying into an object orientation that can tilt to violence? An industrial model? In “making” and “developing” art with an eye to the future (taking our eye off the ball of the present moment, our subject), circumspect about impact and apprehensive about sustainable models for (expansive) growth, are we working away from peace?


Begin the beguine.

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