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Why this subject?

Love looks at everything; will let nothing hide. If love is one critique of entropy, then love has to look at genocide. Valle-Inclan: “The beautiful enigma of all things is their possibility to be loved infinitely… Art [is] a discipline toward transmigration into the essence of things and the seeking of God thereby.”


Why a fractured dramaturgy?

Valle-Inclan: “The roads toward denuding oneself of chronological perceptions are difficult; nonetheless, whoever fails to tread them errs totally in aesthetic doctrine because Beauty, being an attribute of the divine essence, cannot be attained through the process of Time. When this bond (with the deepest essence of things) is achieved, all intelligible and sensible representations cease to exist in the web of hours and, converted into eternal intuitions, seem to be purged of their ephemeral meaning. For the ecstatic, there is no change in the images of the world because he knows how to love them in any of their aspects. Ecstasy is the contemplative enjoyment of all things at the moment of their creation: One Infinite Eternal.”

Send us strength as we work (with so many others) to retrieve our stride after the storm…

[picture – fernanda alves in kigali]

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