Nearly there: The Minneapolis Retreat


If you’re in the neighborhood, get in touch with me, and come on by.


Looks like it will be Meredith Lynsey Schade, myself, Alison Heimstead, and Eric Hoff (potential dramaturg/producing collaborator, via Sylvan Oswald), with Rachel Jendrezewski and Rachel Nelson joining us along the way. Alison is also pull in artists whose history in performance and activism could contribute to our thinking, and who may be potential teammates in various ways.


The retreat is our third – the first being in Massachussetts at Double Edge, and the second in Sonoma (CA).


Impossibility doesn’t stop our forward progress. Our desire may be perfect without knowing its object.




Location:            In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater

1500 East Lake Street

Minneapolis MN 55407

(612) 721-2535


Friday, 8/26/11

8-10pm            Food and overview; review of footage from Sonoma; setting intentions for this retreat.



Saturday, 8/27/11

9am-12pm            Read through and discuss Soulographie puppet plays:

Yermedea (El Salvador) – Kym Moore w/Alejandra Prieto

Double Aspect (Guatemala/Central America) – Dan Hurlin

The Architecture of Great Cathedrals (Central America) – Laurie O’Brien

Star (Tulsa, and an overview) – Katie Shook

Hidebound (Central America) – Alison Heimstead


12-1                        Soulographie Conference Call

Topics include: individual project updates; motion towards the benefit


1-2                        Lunch


2-5            Workshop Hidebound


5- 6:30            Dinner


7pm            Soap Factory performance

514 2nd St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414



Sunday, 8/28/11

9-10:30            Conversation around producing (from Hidebound through the project at large)

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