more tender

the collective poem from last week’s tenderloin opera session – a weekly free workshop with people who are homeless/homeless advocates in downtown providence… the consideratiion of “nothing” has come up a bunch on this site…



Today there’s nothing but rain

Winter can be so surreal

Tired, hungry, blessed, bundled – busy

Heading for my sanctuary

Getting community involved in the

Community, uniting and gathering information

Yet it’s interesting, walking the distance

Remembering my destination

Late last night, my pastor Levi was in my hallucination

God is non-domination


Static hisses off the sidewalk

Sleepy as wet gravity moving down an icicle

Asphalt chases the dog like a wheel chases a bicycle

City thick in the joints collapses

Right across the birds who terrify

The gutters. Disease organizes gossip on the fly

A storm breaks out and sells you an umbrella

The museum’s closed on Monday like a dropped

Beat in a broken tarantella


Why’re you matching my colors?

Mind you

You’re not the only one wearing dark blue


Radio, radio, radio plays flat

A day made for coffee, coffee, coffee

Words have meaning and power

I just got to wander

Away from Kennedy Plaza; too stupendous

Go Home, Laugh and brush it off

I cough

Let me tell you something, walking:

Schedule time for nothing.

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