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[that missing citation from yesterday… and catching up in general]

“A brilliant young songwriter/performer I know stated that he thought the purpose of theater, and art in general, was to ‘interrupt habit'” – Morgan Jenness on the NY World Theater board, March. The brilliant performer – Geo Wyeth.

Habit is the opposite of creativity, though useful to it, the way a fork is the opposite of food but can help you get into it. Habit without creativity is a tool waiting for the wrong hands; you are used for your usefulness. Habits (may be/may seem to be) efficient; at least predictable. A theater season, or a theater with a break-even business plan is habitual, in useful to entrench/feed somebody else – a tool in somebody else’s application. The food and forks, the mortal confusion and the out-of-time steely implements, want to be shared (audience as co-creators, co administrators – so it’s not the calendar’s season or the theater’s season, but the appropriate interplay with the community’s weather overall… eating what we crave and when we’re hungry…

The material Soul director R Novick proposes as a conversational touchstone:

“Also hearing a lot of coverage today about the one-year anniversary of Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.  I’ve been following this SF arts organization sending someone to document the second flotilla: http://www.artwithimpact.org/artwithimpactblog/art-impact-document-2011-freedom-flotilla-gaza

“Seems like an interesting kind of parallel project for us…


Lastly, a speech from Jack, Burnt Umber… Jack’s a scholar who makes his living negating genocide as a viable category, working (as Kizito) from sense to thin ice…

“The crime of genocide is not murder, multiplied. It is the effort to destroy a world. It is the effort of a world without to describe and destroy a world within. It is the will to suicide with a faith in resurrection. And since there is no resurrection, death is a permanent break and you need a new world. Since there is no new world – or you may not have it, unable to know newness without memory, which you’ve just destroyed – there is only this work, broken, in the planning phase for the next. It is just something to do as we get the future wrong.”





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