Theatre for Social Change…


There’s the thinking into esthetics on the one hand (where craft is polished and bodies are decided to the point that spectators are caught up wholly in the experience, possessed by it), but sometimes – it’s not all about the play. It’s also not all about the community (cheering good effort on the part of who we all are; the play as an excuse to enjoy each other’s company) –


We can’t look at reality, because we’re in it… and a play is incomplete – if it were complete it would be redundant. So in some cases, we’re not looking at either the play or the world. A play is cast out there to partner reality and make a space between the real and artificial in which we can navigate if not a new understanding of reality then a new relationship with it. You don’t judge it, or interpret it… it reminds you of something – reminds you to do or be something you have long intended.


Or –


A play is not our mirror; the world is the play’s mirror – we look at a play not only to see ourselves, but to watch something watch the world; we improve as witnesses.

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