Reading Merton on Weil, right after Bamyeh… Nice morning! And I think the rain’s stopped for a while.


War (and its dog, genocide) is about the consolidation of power, power made of the subjugated and collected wills of the people and their diverse, extracted resources.


The focus of consolidation is a static, reductive, abstract myth of the nation which in turn serves an abstract state (the formal patterns of coercion); the consolidated sack (“[as] potatoes in a sack make a sack of potatoes” – Napoleon quoted by Bamyeh) is in the control of an elite, who, like their state, dream of the static and permanent.


And – once the killing starts (individuals abstracted form themselves to associate more and more grossly to the few big abstractions) – there’s no option but to continue:


“… The argument of Minerva in Homer: ‘You must fight on for if you now make peace with the enemy,  you will offend the dead.’” – Merton.

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