matter of the spirit

[BIARI; coupla presentations to highlight…]


Matthew Warne: “Luandan soundscapes and the shift from listening to attending”


Composing as listening – entangling the two acts. “Composition is a by-product of listening – the shadow.”


“A composition is what remains of a given way in which someone has heard the world.”


And this relates to the compositional style of Soulographie:


Improvised music: a window onto how the musician is hearing. Observing and responding simultaneously.


The audience put into the position of improviser – hearing and composing the event at the same time, playing the play.


Towards ideas of meaning –


Expertise and insufficiency: We still need disciplinary refinement, but it won’t be enough. Neither will the collaboration. The limits of anthropological performance… Creates interest, but needs ultimately to make a statement on a vector, if it won’t be about anthropology.


Soundscape is limited in the way that anthropology is limited in terms of generating culture…


Sampling finds its way into theater anthropologically – Barba and the next-generation of Grotowskian artists. This distribution involves a kind of compression, (MP3; compression = repression? a question raised by Anthony Davis…); you lose the bass. There is the illusion of the objective observer capturing objective cultural principles.


Siona O’Connel – “District 6 (South Africa) through the family photograph.”


Two particular questions came up for me…


What ever happened to the mix tape? We prize slideshows/snaps now as a tool for creating romantic (and also dangerous) intimacy? Also:


Performance, and those who insist on the physical artifact of the photo, the analogue: are advocates for a spiritual materiality, esp in memorials… versus a despiritualized immateriality (sensational, political, graphic in the flattest sense) of the hyper-proliferated digital image?)

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