Maria Kizito

About the Plays

First Rwanda play. In 1994, over 800,000 Tutsi were killed along with Hutu moderates over the course of 100 epically bloody days. Frequently described as a sudden and incomprehensible expression of ancient tribal rivalries, the genocide was in fact years in coming, was abetted by the “international community” and by every institutional engine in the country, and was not tribal – Hutu and Tutsi were only racialized by the colonial Dutch, and were historically fluid social and economic categories. The play looks at a particular, true case, from a perpetrator’s point of view. Two nuns are convicted of complicity in the deaths of 7,000 refugees who sought asylum at their convent. The spiritual biography of a genocidaire, the young nun Maria Kizito, as mediated by a young American nun who attends her trial.

Director: JB Kyabaggu and Emily Mendelsohn

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