Mourning is sacred because it lets go of death; it doesn’t live in it.


Associate seven objects with the dead person; find these objects or draw them by hand. Link the object with a virtue.


Arrange them in the shape of a body.


Write the bodily history of each virtue in terms of where it was placed. Imagine information that you don’t have directly/composition of place. (Pine cone at the mouth; where pine cone = honesty, how was that person honest in speech? Or, a pebble at the knee, linked to courage – to what did this person run?)


Set the shape out on the ground; bury each object separately.


Draw a map.


Pull the object from the ground a year later, and write about the adventures they had while they (the virtues, the objects) had while they were away.


There’s nothing magic in this. Magic is about having. The miraculous is about letting go.

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