A script can be set up as a dump for decisions – a site where esthetic choices (made; having been made) are stored, then researched and endlessly rearranged. Or the success of a play is in its instrumentality for the formation of a community (in reading it, one is compelled by what is not there to bring people in – not to fill the lack, but to not-have it together… By gathering around what is mortal (leaving; the present tense is that which leaves), we make ourselves lighter, collective manifestation of spiritual poverty (the levity – the essential lightness of drama, is this feeling of ownership going away). Theater is live and held in common. Meaning – it is dying (in the finest sense) and our of control (out of personal control).


Theater isn’t made-believe, it’s make-believe. The making results in belief – which is social, invisible, permanently imperiled, and is the fulcrum essential for the past to operate as lever into the future.

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