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a song from the tenderloin opera company, written in collaboration just before the new year…

Light (1/29/12)


The tree, the eagle, the

Darkness, the burned harp,

Darkness stood. The tree,

The eagle, the burned harp

Spoke. Darkness stood.

Light was there,

Shredded through the harp.


The tree spoke:

Let the breeze sleep.

Light was there.


The nacht mocks friend’s

Birth, day walks,

Vandalizes speech and

The miners birth.

Ventricle of the pigeon.

Walk, vandalize,

Night mocks –

Light was there.


Light that will never

Reach me

Still shines.


Your sleep’s a breeze

In a dreaming tree:

Be surprised,

All the time, like water.

Kingdom streams,

The tree dreams:


In the kingdom of light

Shrink, empower, defeat, shine,

Etch, cover, reveal;

Mask, confess, distract, love.

Black eye, mother,

Pawtucket, coffee…

The one positive


Is light –

If only in your mind.

Shine, shine

In the kingdom of light


Light of a melody

Strums unbeatable,

Some come to

Violins and harps,

Deluxe, unrepeatable.

Beats, melody: hard;

Violin, drum, guitar and


Flying, walking,

Pacing, relaxing,

Dancing, strumming,

Jump rope pacing,


I gotta hear a beat

So throw me a

Uke and drum away.


Thankful for the light.

Thankful for the light.

The epitome of love and light.

Thankful for the light.


I stood on darkness.

The breeze spoke.

We are distracted.


Come home, this is our house.

The long light window speaking light

Lay light down like a bird.

I heard:

Violate the bell.

Protest hate,

Wait, peek, stop, learn,

Climb, sort, make embrace.


This meeting, clean,

Is a poem spoon

Stir the darkness smooth

Protect the flying book and

The mic swims through the harp


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