last porete

“Miracles are subservient to faith” – M. Porete


If you think you see a miracle, run. Definitely shut up about it – this is consistent from reliable sources. Wonder suggests a lack of faith. Miracles that give rise to faith invert piety. Faith gives rise to miracles, meaning that with eyes of faith – everything is a miracle. Miracles are all that is.


In terms of production, I get anxious about progress; I want to get out of my way and freely ask for what we definitely need. But when I am out of my own way, when I’m faithful, I know that we’re not going anywhere, and that we don’t need anything. If we are not revealing what’s already here (if we’re pretending to create nothing from something, or to convert matter to another form in a magical way), we’re stunted; we’re (what Porete calls) sad. The lost (like royalty) don’t know that they are in need. The sad (the merchants) do all they can to serve needs in themselves and others and despair of ever prevailing. The clear (the spiritually poor) will nothing, have nothing, are nothing but space for the divine will; in theatrical terms, the poor production is pure audience (listening).

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