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From retreat, yesterday (just notes, but the drift) –


Collective Session Four: Perseverance

Your play so far is taking place in exile from a place. A character has a dream of this place. They’re unable to return in reality. “The dream of the impossible return… It is over there that ‘it’ happens.” Write about this place not in your play

Cut to a poem

“The only book that is worth writing is the one we don’t have the courage to write. This is the definition of truth, it is the thing you must not say” – Cixous

HW: Make a list of the elements you remember from the day

Persevere: Multiple versions/contexts for each element

You’re still just beginning

And: something you can’t get to, can’t see, aren’t allowing yourself. What do you want to say, but decide not to?

Include yourself as a character – a colloquy (a dialogue with another character)

Cixous: Writing begins with a dead person – when we send ourselves forth without giving ourselves away, into the other place, the deeply other, as different as language is from reality – this is the way death relates to life – it’s the language life is written in. Death is the creative place when we allow ourselves to be beginning there, when we trouble it, rhythmically. Trouble death with perseverant acts of beginning

Sum. Today: Generation – through patience, fear, perseverance. Keep going in this direction until tomorrow

Envelope: Whitman (“Out of the Cradle…”)

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