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In joy, humility and gratitude.


Joy is to know one’s place. When John danced in the womb, or whenever we jump for joy, we put ourselves in the context of that which is not us – that which holds us completely (space, amnion) – we are completely dependent; suspended.


Joy requires humility – which is charity. We admit that we are the consequence of charity; that we depend/are suspended. We meet charity with charity; we imitate the charity that makes us although we have (relatively) nothing to give, and make nothing. With nothing to make but love we make love; generally badly, but thankfully, always beyond our own assessment. If we love charitably, we let go of love’s rewards and punishments; we are best when “good for nothing.” (“It is the goal of my work, says this Soul, always to will nothing. For as long as I will nothing, says this soul, I am alone in Him without myself, completely unencumbered” – Marguerite Porete.)


Gratitude = work. Gratitude is the work we take up when we receive more than the world, and then receive the world again – when we’re born, or when after a jump we land. Wages do not correspond to our work; they are too little or too much; their injustice is a reminder that our joy is not in having but in being – in being the work we do.


This corresponds roughly to memory, understanding, and will.


Soulographie, so close, is looking for recollection (to leap up), for understanding (a practice: to give and be given to), and will (to function beyond production; to be a coherent will that is manifest by the accident of production, while being in itself a give-away; a coherent will is itself invisible – is nothing).

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