in tua nua – 3/21/14

Feast of St. Aengus, author or the Feliré, (Festology of the Saints; martyrology), written 805.


May Tua’s prayer which  is not speech, protect us.


And elsewhere, in a translator’s note (Whitley Stokes) –


Longarad was a master of study and jurisprudence and history and poetry. To him once came Columcille (as a guest), and he hid his books from the latter, and Columcille left a (banning) word on his books, i.e. “May that as to which thou showest inhospitality be of no  profit after thee!” And this has been fulfilled, for still the books remain and no one studies them. When Lon was dead the book-satchels that were in the cell where Columcille dwelt fall. All are silent at that noisy shaking of the books.


We are silent in order to attend to the opening up of knowledge that inhospitality has shut?

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