how foreign language is

Learning languages, discovering signs – every language is a foreign language; learning to speak is the attempt to recollect a state of being when only one word was needed. Annihilation apes uncreated time – the word without a hearer resembles, to conventional speakers, conventional silence. Destruction can be a politically motivated apocalypse, trying in a base way to imitate innocence by abolishing all action. How to find language that moves to a living silence, and away from the other end of the hoop – the silence of the terminal decision. How dangerous it is to make a decision that is not in some way a permission, an opening to the next problem. Looking for words that efface themselves and promote listening. The aim of language is improved listening, above improved understanding? Per yesterday’s homily – there is a bridge between the created and the uncreated. Thinking this morning, that the bridge is built of listening.

In worrying about a drama of witness, we sometimes concentrate on what we think the witness is supposed to say? When the agency is in growing quiet/more available to experience (not to have the experience, but to be the stage for it)?

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