hound and giant

Trying in a lazy and inefficient way to get at the five-part structure of The Hound of Heaven. The murderer is sometimes a mystic who reaches the wrong conclusion – who concludes, rather than being initiated? The poem is about running away from the poem, in a sense; I’ll evade till I drop and then break down into sense?


Cordelia, streamed again last night, is so beautifully rendered – goes so far beyond the text – that I can admire it like a stranger, and that’s what art is for? So that we may admire each other like strangers? And from there offer hospitality?


The piece is acted with the giant inner intensity required of Noh; the music represents a level of precision and power which I always hear in Suki’s work, here extended with magnificent complexity over 75 minutes. It ends repeatedly, and generally with a dramaturgical unbuttoning – with an opening out, a laying bare, with void and lightness. Noh’s heat is about revealing and releasing rather than sinking-down-into…


And the availability of the video again so welcome. Just got a note from Young Jean Lee’s company, who is also streaming an event. On we go! Going to get in touch with Carrie to see if I can find Thistle online… Heard a rumor that its stream might be archived…

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