The personality is the tangle of opposing drives, each guided by madness (a motion from self to other in a radical way) and moderated by a conscious will. So – dueling hedonisms. In a typical match up, we are mad for cause-and-effect; versus mad for permanence. Technology and root source, the power of the fake versus the power of the real (each as fake and real as each other), the order of control and the order of abandon…


We need some madness to get anything done. We need the gods. The gods need us as members and senses in this world. Madness will kill us if it is not alloyed with compassion. Compassion is the protection of self in its flight to the other, and the host of the other as it is brought into safety and parlay with the self.


Silence begets compassion (Evagrius).


This comes out of a reading of the Bacchae (with the great silences at the end – where the climactic speeches drop out!), and Phaedrus…

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