hilary’s hand

The nude intimacy of the group shot in the White House Situation Room as the faces of the most physically powerful conclave in the history of world-warfare rocketed down to waiting…


Especially vivid – Hilary’s hand to her mouth. Why do we do this? Why do we make this gesture?


To prevent ourselves from making a sound that would reveal our fear, the electrical confusion at our core, below our lungs. Also to prevent what it is we’re seeing from entering in at the mouth and overtaking us by means of breath and speech (replacing our words).


We’re rightly afraid of damage to our fear and damage to the unending perfect moment of quiet inside us – the foundation of our being. We are afraid we will have less fear, that our fear will be less perfect; our fear/awe must be maintained if we are to have any sort of spiritual sense – or even preservation of our animal (to endure, we must know that ultimately our power is a terrible, fragile joke). We are protective of our silence – which is deeper-in even than fear, because its what we come from and what we’re moving to, and it stays still, even in fear (the suspended moment of the crisis; time slows; silence stops absolutely, receives our prayers).


Celebration of power is at the furthest remove of our safety. Stay alive to fear and best, to silence, when we fail into the surreality of force.


This is a very important picture: the agents of the adamant shown to have the wakefulness (the weakness, the liminality) of those caught up in an accident.

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