Heavenly Shades

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If this goes nowhere – these are pictures from Heavenly Shades on Daniel Alexander Jones’ facebook page. The pix are great and I didn’t know they existed – a transformative time at Frontera, where I met some of the folks with the strongest and most enduring influence on my work – Real Joy in Austin.

Greetings from oddly sunny Bergen, Norway. Here at a festival – some Saint Plays (they open tonight). Conversation comes up again and again around the idea of space… I have just about no understanding of Hegel and Heidegger, but I think I’m more on the side that space is more important a ground of being than time. Our experiments have a handle on duration – we’re steaming ahead there. But the political, economic and architectural spaces of theater, while also finding reform, are begging for a radical break. Our body is breaking down, our meme is weakening to the point where it can no longer include death, and without death (mortality, mourning) we ain’t live, and sure aren’t performance.

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