heaven to the sea

the latest tenderloin opera poem – collectively written in open workshop with people who are homeless and homeless advocates, providence, ri… we’re well on our way to this year’s libretto, due out in may (looks like it’ll feature life post-flood, a man in hiding and cape canaveral… maybe a casino).


from heaven to the sea

last night I had a surreal dream

while lying on a bed of pomegranates

feet flying skyward

like a plane skipping over


many feet to fall

along down the planet


was strumming along my journey

with my 6 string guitar, plummeting

floppy hair

hovering over my eyesights

heavenly music filled the air

with the aroma of the sea

have I found my element?

as the cello brings the cadence

focus on away and beyond thy clouds and

i just have one thing in mind and…


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