Good visit at the Woodstock of puppetry: the UConn conference (campus depleted for obvious reasons). Alison and Laurie presented works in progress; Dan laid out the status of his thinking, and his plans to develop Double Aspect through a course at Sarah Lawrence next year (Kym, Daniel, Raphael, Carrie options likewise?). Excellent to be in company with Susan Simpson, who talked about violence, trauma and genocide expressed through puppetry per a range of cases – including Kamp by Hotel Modern – highly germane to our project.


Some themes: the problem of linearity/catharsis/narrative completeness in dealing with chaos; the unspeakable is not unspeakable because it must not be spoken, but because there are no words (adding here: language must approach what it isn’t yet, if it is to evolve, if, in fact, it is to be in motion at all), patience and indifference (per yesterday’s notes), the relation between text and object (and text as object; one view -a play is first a house, furnished through design, and then text moves in to live there, sleep there…), and issues of scale. In audience talk-back: keeping alive the risks of representation – that we attempt to own/commodify history, that we re-traumatize (one address – take care of the productions’ contexts – developing conversations up to, around, and after presentation).


The meeting was a concrete step in the evolution of shared puppet-language for Soulographie, and provided momentum towards the August retreat in MN.


Let me not be finished; let me not own, let me not grow old in sin.

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