Some thoughts moving into the endgame of production –


Fears: That the Good Thing is lost, or has been taken. That we are not the Good Thing. That the Good Thing has lost us. That we are therefore behind, that we have to catch up, that we have to be someplace else, someplace that’s lost or stolen, that we have to steal back or alienate ourselves to find. But we are the Good Thing, and we’re held by it, held accountable to it, challenged out of mediocrity by it. The good doesn’t lose the good (the Good Thing can’t lose us). We have nowhere else to be except open – it’s not a matter of getting ahead or holding onto what’s behind, the moves are: open or closed.


The mommy/daddy of the professional theater is not the Good Thing – are as subject to the requirement to open as anything else. Understanding or approval aren’t the Good Thing; one can be open and very confused; one can be certain and shut down (the opposite also applies – confused and closed, sure and open). We’ll make money and won’t make money; material need is substantial and real, but not the ground of the good. We’ll succeed or fail – the good often fails, bad often succeeds… there’s something else, in the way we’re made, the way we’re held, the way we’re known and found prior to and apart from success and failure, that’s fine, fine, fine.


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