Just got off skype with Jubilith talking about Cordelia. Some reflections. Read this morning the story of Gideon and the Midianites – Charged with defeating a vast army, he raised a huge force. God said no glory would be won with so great a massing, so Gideon reduced his troops. Still too large; he went form an army of tens of thousands to 300. The tactic then, to approach the enemy at night, with torches hidden in jars. At a sign, all the jars were broken, and the enemy was confused by the sudden, chaotic brightness; they were put to rout.

I don’t know if one can really put the martial quality of the allegory aside and gloss this, but – I do… This seems to be the shape of the theatrical transaction. The production is light in a jar – a perfect meditation; rehearsal ahs brought about some sort of social consent to meaning – the audience is not wholly necessary to this level of meaning. Then, the production breaks against the audience – the light comes forward, and there is social change. The image rotates – the light revealed meets light revealed in the audience – who smash their jars against the production; we are co-confused, leagued force, the opposition and the co-authors at the same time.

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