Invitations to the benefit are under construction and should be out soon. Please come. Still looking for food donations, if you have leads…


Wonderful visit with Janie Geiser yesterday, the great Puppet Mother, in this case catching up with her films, whose narrative strategies are an influence on Soulographie. Taste leads to an accumulation of materials which are organized around a coherent, dense and indescribable point of origination, which are then worked out in time into a shape that leads audiences to a perception (a falling sensation), and stopping before the perception of fully realized (leaving the audience falling to the unknown; the ultimate unknowability of or central impulses is a feature of theme?). Sounds good to me!


Meanwhile, below, a window onto process… These are title we’re selecting from for our latest Tenderloin Opera Company – stay tuned there too!


G-Clef existence – The sly and slickness of the cat shooting pomegranates beyond the sky.


Good Night Viet Nam


The Cat Robs the Cradle


The Re-Occurring Nightmare


Strawberry Soda


Put the Lion to Sleep


Do What You Have to Do


Afternoon Nap


Baby Blue Stars


A Lovely Noise


Luminous Cat Dream


Vibrant Ovals Undone

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