framing bright

Amplifying, let’s call the campfire-to-be Strum, and we’ll let it stand for Spectral Theater Risible Under the Moon, or…?


Spring would be nice. March? It should be a little bit hard… Camping in the cold and wet, with the fellowship of firelight well earned.


Should be a mix of disciplines; folks can bring work or not; nobody presents more than a few minutes of work (so it doesn’t become a festival – that’s what CxC is for).




We need a location.


Who knows where we can camp and have a nice (big) fire? TX? ME? CA? NE?


The allure is amped by the effectiveness of the fires as a meditation-motor in Northern Uganda, where the two nights in Lira produced such good conversations…


The Soulographie retreat in MN is coming up; we’ll see if there’s progress on Strum to be made there…

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