frail/ingilin – 2/6/14

Upcoming, a short play for an evening of shorts (me, Israel Horowitz, Winter Miller, and Wendy MacLeod, for Planet Connections, benefiting City Harvest. Am collaborating with Tenderloin Opera – here’s a piece of what we’ve come up with so far, a play called Frail/Ingilin – after the two main characters. These are excerpts:


States of matter – frozen melted salt cavern

Cold less, less-less, one less layer

Snow crunching under her feet

Seeing your breath in air

A day less cold and one less layer




Light eyes, in a wool coat, wind cries her eyes

Blinding light, melt multiplies white

Snow crunches feet

Breath in the air

An un-scraped windshield

Off an abandoned car

Increase in the federal subsidy for loneliness

Many-masked, in line

In line at Amos House



Their names are Frail and Ingilin


Soup and bread

No money, no sleep


Jagged contours of buildings, blue sky in movement

The move is mine

Sun’s a nerve: floats electricity

Nerve to nerve, we shine


A fresh breath in the lungs

A renewal of strength


Green ice melting thin

We got here too early

They let us in

Sun on my neck as hot as tortured ants, light focused by the window

Up to 80 above from 10 below

Living in my blood, back from icicle death

A breath

Green ice melting white

Fewer will be cold tonight


Treatment, affordable small apartment, job, hobbies, free time, friends.

A shot.

Reach out and speak to help end these things from happening.


I want to be thankful, and I want to be thanked.

I want a playground.


Untreated mental illness, schizophrenic, uncaring family gave up, services cut, small government, society, “bootstraps”

Lack of funds

Blinding light reflecting off the snow

Green ice melting white

Nerve to nerve, we shine

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