Silence is medicinal. It cures speech. Not all bad, but we need to clear it out for listening (cedar from the live oak).


Organizing: sustainable if the first principle is silence – admission that what we are gathered around is indescribable, and it’s value cannot be described in ways commensurate with its actual function. Second principle is accepting the satisfaction of our mission as being our witness to each other on the mission – we are gathered around the circle with a familiarity, trust and a certainty that our shared center is as specific as it is indescribable. Third principle, also vital, but less structurally decisive – our ability to shape market policy.


In the arts – I don’t actually we’ll ever be able to argue our way to arts value in a manner that matches our worth or even gives us what we need with any assurance… because the basis of art is prior to argument; we’re teaching seeing, we’re occupied with is-ness… As with epistemology and spirituality, we’ll never occupy the niche that, say, frozen fish does. Not that we’re less valuable; we just can’t represent ourselves as that-thing; we’re not that and we’re not things… We’re silence more than speech, like grieving, memorial, or a vow.


A wedding ring (go NY!) is of sacramental use because it is hollow.


The pattern: We can’t say what we’re doing absolutely (although we can point to positive consequences); we can say that we’re doing it together (in ways that enact citizenship); and we’d like some support, because without us, the objective materials of commerce have no impetus (status matrix) for transfer or reception (there would be great lassitude around buying, selling –and more fundamentally, around innovation in making and consuming).

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