firefly (protest break)

Outstanding fireflies in Spoleto (just outside at La MaMa’s Umbria retreat). Giant, gold explosions. It’s like what it must be like on the field at a championship night game, bulbs going off…


About light…


St. Clare, who knocked around nearby, was great at poverty and mortification. She’s also the patron saint of poor eyesight. A range of reasons, but pointing to the fact that “there’s a crack in everything – it’s how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen). Silence, voluntary spiritual poverty, mortification (in the sense of the preceding two) is a way of expanding listening – letting light in. Survivors (a more particular category than victim), especially in their moment of testimony – are like the firefly besotted night – they are stellar, beautiful – not (only) in their courage, and definitely not always in their wisdom, joy, charity (all three of which may be indisrepair), but in their cracked dark – their sense of the whole grim picture holding easily available to the free transit of light.


Break plays, they are more beautiful that way. Testify. Stand with those who testify and be drunk on the light that comes through (not transfixed by dark, but by its porousness to light – it cannot fail to admit the light).

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