find a light and turn it on

Silence, like theater, is live and held in common. The collective dimension of our silence-action is key – our awareness of each other, and the ways our silence will support our neighbor’s silence.


Maybe tangential, but not by much:


Just came back from a Tenderloin Opera Company meeting… We (people who are homeless, formerly homeless, homeless advocates) get together on Fridays to write scenes and songs towards an annual opera (we’re on our fourth here in Providence, with a history in San Francisco as well).  We write collectively, and the energy of the scripts is in the space unowned (or universally owned, so not owned-against anything) in between.


We’re gearing up to do a song at the upcoming Homeless Memorial (Jan 29 – more on this soon). Here’s the text so far:


See, hear, speak no evil

My karma contains three people

Moe, Larry, and Curly. I

See them anytime my heart desires

Keep the home fires burning, surely I

Find a light in comedy


Yeah, that’s what I’ll do

Find light

Find a light and turn it on


Find myself on a right foundation

Learning and hearing God’s words

I am an artist and melodies beat inside

A heart that will be heard


Homelessness led me to Jerry Springer

Issues on the way, way out

I sought a door, a key, my son and daughter

Finally understand what it’s all about


With love you can survive

I know what to do:

Find light

Find a light and turn it on





The Lord and experience

Get up in front


Oasis, learning

Different each year

If you want to simmer that stew first bring it to a boil

Freedom Bells don’t just ring, they toil

We’ve got poems spilling across the floor

And time


Find light

Find a light and turn it on

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