fearing our puppets

Puppets, maybe: objects over which we have authority, to which we (puppeteers, audiences/overlapping categories) pay such close attention – to which we are obedient – that they demonstrate authority over us. And the authority in a puppet is indifferent/amoral (without a soul). So power firsts turns the object of a genocide into a puppet, and then, breaks the puppet… Because in the blank space, in the space created in the imagination of the genocidaire upon ripping (in the cultural dream) the soul from the victim, into that space – the perpetrator feels a vertigo drop; feels his own desires projected The integrity of the puppet has to be broken; the opposite of Pinocchio A real boy made artificial, and then the charm of the artificial (the spell) must be violated so that the boy will not become more powerful than he was in a new state beyond time or pain. “Desecration” – to take the sacredness out. A trope of genocide: superstitious desecration.

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