fatima primary school

By strange miracle we’re able to go ahead with tech this week – always such an important time. It’s a litmus of ethic. Process percolates, people talk about meaning and purpose and ensemble… and then, under the stress of entering the material world in a particular way (entering the world in its particulars), the whole hayride can all fall apart – tempers, and drama’s drama. If we can hold onto the idea of conversation and co-ownership through the stresses of the next few days, we’ll architect an unbroken arch of good-will, which is our basic stuff. At every turn: “what can be done to bring love to this moment?” Or if “love” is a rhetorical dead end – substitute “the perfect,” “patience,” “listening”… (love is these things). How may I flow into that which is personal – another person – according to an expanded (infinite?) idea of what a person is?

Here’s to a loving tech!

[pic – students, alebtong, no. uganda – i think via george ongom (someone correct me if i’m wrong1). hear george speak about the school he’s putting together for survivors of the war in the area – november 16 4pm (after the heavenly shades reading at 2…]

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