face – 3/27/14

Putting a face to genocide. Making a person. In the sense of making a persona or mask – making a seeming. Not an individual, but a point of address, a site to wonder into, with eye holes and a mouth hole, so it can see us too, and speak. Not an individual because individuals can hold guilt and can walk away with it. A mask or puppet can hold no guilt although it can enact it, or go through the heat of it. Masks can be saved, materially or in design, forever.


Putting a face to genocide also the opposite, the opposite of persistent visibility and a focus for projection, passive and active. A person makes a cluster and a quality of  behaviors site-specific but invisible, leading not to conversation or thinking-through, but pure being-with; leading to experience. The reality of a person is an untranslatable sound. A face is a resonator; the human is a sound inside with which we can resonate, but never cross-to-origin; the cause of sound, so not yet sounded. (Guzmán again; see Feb.)


The more personal the encounter, the deeper the listening; into a deeper ultimate acoustic Thule.

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