This morning working with Meister Eckhart, the Mindblower; his sermons.


To understand justice in our work, we give over all images (anything that may interfere with the Worker) so that we may be thoroughly worked; we may be the work.


Eckhart defines justice as the action of giving to each its own – “That man is just who gives everyone what belongs to him.” This goes to a much earlier discussion in Soulographie on the asymmetrical nature of justice (especially in light of genocide) – Justice may look unequal, because each party is due (may have and hold) something different. I don’t punish a perpetrator to the extent that I need the perpetrator punished, but to the extent that the perpetrator has earned it and may receive it; in fact, more basically – there is no punishment – there is owning what’s real (confession, guilt, a changed life). One person who has killed a hundred people, cannot be killed a hundred times; in fact, cannot be killed for his crimes, because then his life would not own its consequences.


To survive asymmetry, we have to find ways to truly believe in the reality of the other, of the stranger –


“I shall say something else that is harder: whoever is to remain in the nakedness of this nature without any medium must have gone out beyond all persons to such an extent that he is willing to believe as well of a man far beyond the seas, whom he never set eyes on, as he does of the man who lives with him and is his closest friend.”


And about becoming the work, rather than presuming to be the worker or living in appetite for the consequence of the work, he is beautifully multifarious with gender, saying that we must be both virgin and wife – free from images (from life), yet willing to enter into life and let it move through us –


“But I say that because a man is a virgin, that does not deprive him at all of any of the works he has ever done; but all this permits him to remain, maidenly and free, without any obstacles between him and supreme truth, just as Jesus is empty and free and maidenly in himself. As the authorities say that only between equals can unity be produced, so must a man be a maid and a virgin who is to receive the maidenly Jesus.”

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