eagle dust

About overcoming the difficulties ahead. More from Osuna.


“Note that the devil conquers or disturbs the praying person with all the guile of the eagle in pursuit of the stag. They say the eagle spots some sandy ground in which it rolls around and covers its wings with dust and fine sand, then swoops down on the stag’s head, digs in with his claws and begins to shake off the dust so cleverly that it falls into the animal’s eyes and blinds it. Unable to see, the stag in his pain plunges down a precipice that sometimes is so step it is dashed to pieces, in which case the eagle does what it pleases with the poor beast.”


What is genuinely constraining us, and what is the prime nemesis? Money is the dust of what? Too little time is the dust of what? How many performances are actually corpses that have fallen off a cliff? What’s our cliff? When will we be hundreds of feet down from our natural habitat? In knowing our nature, we’re better able to discern the difference between the means that oppose us and the source of opposition. The story suggests that it is smaller, and not the same species… We can shake it from (get it out of) our heads! Relating to the 5/31 post – perfect = not at the bottom of a cliff.

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