Helga Davis is coming to campus today. Frequently collaborates with Soulographie’s Daniel Alexander Jones; also with Carl Rux, whose great play Talk closed here last weekend; and of course a bright-burning performer on her own.


About divas: this came up at a post-show for DAJ’s Jomama Jones (directed by Soulographie’s Kym Moore). Helga’s one, I’d say. She doesn’t really seem to know what she’s going to do next – maybe fly apart or maybe pull us in (violate our privacy, overtake our private property). An in this uncertainty, she seems convinced; convicted of the moment. Her uncertainty is specific and paradoxical (the definition of virtuosity). In the spirit of mimesis, we in witness are likewise uncertain and certain; performing in paradox.


This is what character is – the precise gap. Building on previous posts – character = witness (apart from judgment; a space for what happened; a space that happens); witness = memory (a space for what happened that allows it to happen in a living way, a way that evolves); memory = justice (not equilibrium, but per language – the word still conveys meaning).

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