“Oh Word, what led you down to earth? Love. What leads us up to heaven? Blood. What led you to us other than your being which is pure communication? What leads us to heaven other than your pains and wounds? Who wouldn’t be grateful to him for his infinite blessings? [silence]…Word, oh Word, come to Mary and come to me! Don’t stay down there in limbo any longer [silence] Descendet inferioribus terre, ut educat me in interioribus terre (He will descend to the depths of the earth and will lead me into the depths of the earth). If you don’t mind, I would like to perceive a little bit the love dialogue that you had when you came from those ministers of justice [silence] oh my Word, come, please some! [silence] I will perceive what he said to Mary. But I would like to perceive something else inside [silence] my Spouse, come[silence] when the splendor of his body and the brightness of a splendor more beautiful than anything else.” – Maria Maddalena de’Pazzi, Dialogue 48, Jesus’ 40 Hours in the Tomb


This is a transcription from a continuous, 40 hr. vision suffered by Maria Maddalena, an Italian St. of the 16th Century. It points to: the labor of the visionary experience (extended concentration, for the one overtaken, and for the witness); to the strange mirroring of divine love and a wounded existence (the same channel of energy – the way in which an engagement with genocide can actually expand love); and the place of silence as integral vocabulary – to get to where we need to get, in the heart of the word/Word – we need periodic collapse.

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