deficit – 3/4/14

About assessing our work –


Would you rather be trusted or confirmed? In a trust relationship, one’s inner certainty – so inner it is unreachable by others and so certain it is inexpressible – is taken by another on faith, faith in future action. Trust is made of invisibility and silence. One may also be hired or awarded on the basis of biography, connections, statistical evaluations. These are also very deep and real (I like, for example, the letter grades in restaurant windows).


Maybe we need both; we need so much endorsement in our daily and life-long economies. But I feel stronger when I’m trusted; I also learn more and write more.


The arts are pushing and being pushed more and more away from trust and into the sphere of statistical assurance? How does a trust deficit impact, say, the nature of acting?


[happy mardi gras!]

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