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RETREAT DC: Notes for 12/11/11



Raphael Parry, Connie Parry, John Moletress, Aaron Malkin, Jamie Gahlon, Anna Rosensweig, Jeanette Yew, Emily Mendelsohn, Dan Hurlin, Rebecca Johannsen, Mia Rovegno, Danel Trisi, Meredith Lynsey-Schade, Erik Ehn


Audience experience

Missing stuff is part of the experience (we are saying that it will take more than one p.o.v. to circumnavigate the subject)

Not just a bunch of plays; a synthetic experience

A small story may be better (piece by piece) than a general event

Lots of melody

Light footprint – build shows for touring (limited load in/change over)

Floating in and out of performances? Some yes, some no – we’ll need to be clear per show on the pourousness (is sustained focus required, or can people come in/leave in the middle…). Permissions.

Leaning towards building all 17 shows out from the main space (with, for example, two smaller plays happening simultaneously at the same time)

Do we want to collapse plays (more simultaneity) at the end? Deliberate sound bleed?

Navigation: more like an art gallery or library than internet; more like the Metro: definite paths with clear points of exchange. Globe, planetarium, museum – drama of the architecture.

Or: Mnouchkine model – hospitality: taking care. La MaMa is our home; the experience is navigated with the kind of civility one employs in a stranger’s home.

What’s the space between? Physically, temporally… Lobby as museum/informational center/artifactual (Meanings become clear after the show). Holocaust museum in Berlin: Meditative spaces; halls lines with artifacts.


Let’s come back to DC; even expand DC contacts.



Design retreat, end Feb in NY – individual productions and global Soul

Double Aspect: April premiere – Sarah Lawrence

Puppet Summit in January

Yermedea at Brown in October?

Residency for MK in October

Architecture in October

Diamond Dick Mar 20-30

Josh: In Greece this summer?

Retreat end of July – possibly upstate NY

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