New rewrites on Yermedea went out today, and here’s an attempt at a closing song for Dogsbody, in line with some endings for other plays in the series (esp. Heavenly Shades and Drunk Still Drinking)


Shatter the one
Open the one
Open the one
Open the one and done

Home in the heart
The heart apart
A hole a murmur
A hole a murmur a start

Dark as a crowd:
A prayer out loud
The dead are a crowd
We live alone

Once you start
You fall apart
You make a heart
Make a heart a home

Surely now
We begin to live
That’s what this is
That’s what this waiting is

Mercy perhaps is
Where speech collapses
That’s how this
That’s how this wanting lives

Open my mouth
Open open
Star of coal
Open my mouth

All praise comes from the dark

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