cracker crunch – 2/18/14

As long as we’re on the subject of beauty…


I first came across Terry Allen’s lyrics from a cd I bought in a bookstore in Marfa, TX (the nighthawks – birds, not coffee drinkers – still haunt me). Below is from the ending of Beautiful Waitress, short but epic…


A waitress asked me what I did
I told her I tried to make art
She asked me if I made any money
I said, No I have to teach to do that

She asked me what I taught and where
I told her, she told me, she liked art
But that she couldn’t draw a straight line
I told her if she could reach for something
And pick it up she could draw a line
That was straight enough

She said, she weren’t interested in that kind of drawing
But always liked horses, I said “I did too”
But they’re hard to draw, she said,Yes, that was very true
Said she could do the body okay, but never get the head
Tail or legs, I told her she was drawing sausages, not horses
She said no, they were horses

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