The kiss is a house, you can sweat much, much more

I may be as pretty as this, I may be this luxe –

My shiver and my secure

Self at the weight of wit; deeper, our hips are pure


Faith is peace, hope is love,

Soul is charity, flight is touch

There is room for surplus, too much

Fielding May and freighting summer

Feel you seeing me reel my being, see you feeling almost real

Boxcar full of sun, the big reveal

I am here to be touched, we are here to touch


The only place on TV where you can see sweat

Touch ground for sky

Ray brighter than a Saturday

Dance: body finds a way

Stillness as a social act, we are how we grow

Do as a way to say, to say

You can’t sweat too much

We are here to touch each other

We are here to touch


The faith of an engineer

Pulling spirals up through breathing

Cars read gravity left to right: unstoppable persuasion

Riding the seam down the bicameral mind

Why you love is what you’ll find

Even a witness, you’ve already danced

Forgo forgetting; what you see is memory

Letting sun flash through the express

Dance is a way of kissing the space around you

A thesis of blessing and

Every train is a holy place;

Signal clears the line


Somewhere between the cartoons and kung fu

Incarnation is building you a roundhouse

A bottle of bones and shiver

Once I thought I knew where I lived

Then he put the train through

Every train’s a holy place

We are what we move

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