Fridays are Tenderloin Opera days (and soon to be Acting Together days – a course I’m teaching that follows Acting Together on the World Stage, case studies and reflections on performance-for-social-change), so some of our latest lyrics below. Per an earlier post – we meet weekly with persons who are homeless and homeless advocates to write songs and scenes that turn into an opera each year in April…


We’re getting ready for a Homeless Memorial this Wed the 29th (we’ll be singing a song at the services)… This is an annual event in honor of people who died on the streets, or as a direct result of no/substandard housing.


Memory, in the context of a memorial in any event, is less about looking back on history than it is about making the past, present. Memorials are often quiet (or – ecstatic) because the present needs to be vacated. Silence: December 2014 has some of the characteristics of a memorial? As does every protest?


This song comes from a place in the play where one character discovers that the man she loves is secretly an opera singer… She hears him sing this on the radio –



Love –

Your own four walls.


Can come and go

As you please.


On my stove,

My own meals.


Can come and go

As you please


The heart is the home

Of love and you’re not alone

Sharing, caring,

Sometimes being daring

So the beauty is shown

On the smile you’re wearing



Love –


Is where the heart is.


Being able to


For my family

Laughter, solidarity,

Affordable, and a key


Is where the heart is at peace

Any place you feel content

Where you want your life spent

Love, laughter, family

A place of peace, just for me



Love –

Go big and

Go home


Peace of mind



Pride, love


Big and

Go home


Windows and doors and

Choices to open or close

Making my own rules

Save and secure

Clean and warm and fed


You’re the one place that I’ve found a home

You’re the most important thing in my life

Who are you?

My beautiful wife

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