conversation slips

From Kafka’s conversation slips – “It was a kind of bargain in half-sleep. I was promised that I would manage to sleep through the noise, but that in return I must promise something else. I promised but have forgotten what”


Going back to the issue of intelligibility…


Time in Washington confirms a pattern for rehearsals across Soulographie. Great good-will in the earl going gets everybody swimming around in the river (not the text, but the milieux of the text – the mix of subject, and the social constructs of the process) – then questions come up concerning where the river is going… More swimming, and then, well, we’re in a river, and going where a river goes. The writing gets lost and found in the same way. The plays tend to end with efforts at closure and clarity, and moment by moment (in rehearsal, in performance) we need to do the needful things to stay afloat (need to operate as if there were story, or as if there were codes; we need to paddle). But finally – we are in that anxious place of promise. We are in the occasion of speech without the words. We are ready to act, but have no activity. Anxious as this may be, this is the state of the imagination agitated to responsibility, and prior to agenda (yesterday’s Steiner post).


At the end of his life, very sick, Kafka couldn’t speak – some of his fragmentary notes survive.  They are alive, clear, and inconclusive. They are at the edge of balance, tilting, becoming.

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