cixous adieu

Wrapping on Cixous:


Writing is speech’s door to silence, how speech moves orphic into death (where it finds soul/identity, not where it breaks down, but breaks free). Identity is contemplation’s language of memory – speech in many words for what was a gathered word; like a tree’s roots – to hold a place on earth we need to be spread open, various. Soul is origin – we never see it again after it gives (way) to life; the tree is memory. The bird in the tree – recollection?


Genocide trades death/the chthonic realm, where things are made and to which things return – for non-being (from which nothing comes and to which nothing goes but for removal). Genocide is no-memory – which bars the soul’s motion forward into the world and likewise shuts the path back. If the soul is that which is Human in us – that which is our highest name, and the purpose for which we were made, genocide is the attempt to cut us from the human. We neither make nor hear song.

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